Microbiology Testing

Testing is available on a per sample or quarterly contract basis.

Tests performed to detect the following spoilage bacteria:
    cap3 Lactic acid bacteria
    cap3 Acetic acid bacteria
    cap3 Enteric bacteria
    cap3 Wild yeasts (optional)
    cap3 Strict anaerobes (optional)
  Tests include (depending on type of sample):
    cap3 HLP analysis
    cap3 Plating on differential media
    cap3 Filtration
    cap3 Microscopy (confirmatory)
Please provide two bottles or cans of product. Alternatively, unpackaged samples can be collected and sent in a sterile container, provided to you by BMBS.    

Samples must be sent to:
Barta Microbiology Brewing Services
2409 Stanley Street
Stevens Point, WI  

Samples must be accompanied by an Analysis Request Form (sent to the email address provided).  
If you have a sample of wild fermented product and you would like to have it analyzed for bacteria and wild yeasts, please contact us for options.  

Turn around time: Preliminary results are generally available in three-four days after sample arrival.  Follow up tests may require up to seven days, depending on the type of analysis. When tests are completed, a report of the test results will be sent to you by email.  If you have questions, please contact us for more information.

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